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Welcome to the


Welcome to the TPSC

Virtual Choir

Hello friends and fellow singers! 

The following message is top secret.

It has been weeks since we have had the pleasure of sharing our voices with each other and I think it's safe to say the music we make fills a special place in all of our hearts. 

As a token of our support, I along with Erin, Wendy, Tia and Craig have organized a virtual choir to surprise Tom with a gift of song on his birthday (July 21) through a SECRET TPSC Virtual Choir.

Below, you will find all of the details you need to successfully create and submit your TPSCVC video. Please read through all of the instructions first, before you get started. Have fun!


For those of you who prefer visual aids, Susie Phillips graciously compiled all of these notes in a word document. Thank you, Susie!


Zoom Call Recording from 5.06


05/06/20 - Zoom Rehearsal of "Flight Song". 7:00 PM.

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 735 7299 7383

Password: TPSC2020

05/06/20 - Submissions for TPSCVC go live.

05/15/20 - Submissions for TPSCVC close.


We will be singing Kim André Arnesen's "Flight Song". Feel to use your own copy. 

Click to download a copy (with Tom's markings) here!



Singing Tips

  1. Follow Tom's markings to make sure we are as uniform as possible! (Wouldn't that be a great birthday present if we sang all of his markings?!)

  2. Sing with an ensemble blend in mind. If we all record using our solo voices, it will be harder for the audio/video team to blend all our voices!

  3. If you're noticing a lot of loud pops in your recording, it may be necessary to filter your microphone with a light piece of cloth to make a "wind guard".



  1. Make sure your face is lit nice and bright. Make sure to get your head and upper body in the frame. (Place your music between you and the camera so we can be sure to see your face!)

  2. Make sure your room is nice and quiet. Turn off any fans, heaters or air conditioners. We only want to hear the sound of your voice.

  3. Keep your headphones/earphones ready but keep them unplugged.

  4. Start recording with your webcam or video camera and wait for the beep from the conductor recording track.

     (DO NOT pause your webcam. It is essential we hear that beep to synchronize all of the videos together.


    NOTE: If you use a mobile device to record your video, be sure to record in landscape mode (horizontal/side-to-side.)

  5. Plug in your headphones and wait for the conductor to count you in!

  6. Start singing!

  7. Wait at least 5 seconds after the cutoff to stop recording. 

Official TPSCVC



This video gives you the full instructions on how to record your part for the TPSC Virtual Choir. Tia then conducts 'Flight Song', so you can sing your part in time! 

Note: Because this is an unlisted Youtube video, you will have to "click through" to watch it on

Submission Instructions


    Vocal Part_Last Name

    Vocal Parts:
    SOP1, SOP2, ALT1, ALT2, TEN1,TEN2, BAS1, BAS2

  2. If your video is recorded on an Android device, it will likely be a .mp4 file. 

    For example: TEN2_spaulding.mp4

    If your video is recorded on an iPhone, it will likely be a .mov file.

    Please keep this formatting as it is reflected above to best help us with the prodution process.

  3. Once your video is complete, submit your video file to the DropBox account below.

    - Go to

    - Click on "sign in" (not "sign up").

    - Username:

      Password: virtualchoir​

    - Select folder "TPSC_VC".

    - On right side of screen click on "Upload files".

    - Find your video file on your computer, click on it and select button marked "Open" and wait for your file to upload to the folder.

    - You can then exit DropBox.

Thank you for participating!


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